Monday, January 8, 2007

Hello world of blogs!

Yup! I'm here...again. With a new blog.

My upstairs neighbors are having an extreme home makeover. I hope they'll make it in 6 days.

So I found a pretty cool book at the School Library (BUMP) today. I found it in the English section AKA the forgotten corner. Besides the fact that it combines the smells of Old AND Burn, it also has a pretty sweet title: Pictures On The Pavement.
For those of you who have heard of it, yes I do relize it's a children's book. And to add to the coolness of the book, when I was searching for visual evidence on Amazon, nothing showed up!
But anyway, back to the text. This is about the 2nd paragraph, and it's pretty neat:
"Has Leo-at this moment stretched asleep while starlings pick at his bone-grown as tired as he looks of being British? Does the lawyer call the fox sly? On which side of the bars do hyenas wake up,, does the hog snort off in his sports car? Which is prouder, and which with the more reason, the peacock or I?"
-Expert Pictures On The Pavement, G.W Stonier
Ok, so it's probably not something I'd read to my kids at bedtime (even though I would love to), but I promise it's ment as a children's book, because it has pictures. Ok, that's a lame reason.

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