Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sightings at Starbucks

He walks in. Baggy pants, huge white shoes. Football jersey. 2 hoop earrings dangle under his baseball cap as he walks up to the counter at Starbucks. He orders, he waits while looking around the room with his piercing blue eyes. The lady with the black artsy hair hands him his drink. He turns around and leaves with forceful walk.

Team of football jersey: BYU Cougars
Logo on baseball cap: Y

Thursday, September 27, 2007

She needs to sort out her priorities

I went to the Congo last summer. Congo is listed number 10 on the list of most dangerous countries. Pakistan is number 11.
I was in Kinshasa, Limete, staying with my dad in a Catholic Community on the 13th avenue. We went on walks around the 'block', got lost, wondered along railways and found our ways through back alley's, with little Congolease children screaming 'Mundele'. There are hardly no white people in Limete. The Belgian embassy was about a good 45 minutes away. The violence of the elections was still lingering.
Did I ever feel threatened? No.
Did I ever feel scared? No.
Am I dying to go back? Yes.

I live in Provo. Right next to Orem. I ride my bike to BYU every morning. I take a shortcut through a church parking lot, behind the MTC.
Do I wonder about being ambushed by a rapist in the bushes?
All the time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Philippe Decoufle

We have found the most amazing TV channel. It's called Ovation, and if you don't have it, shame on you. It's the 'artsy' channel, where they cover everything from 'The final 24 hours of Kurt Cobain' to random Euro art programs.
Such Euro art program was on last night. It was about a French choreographer called Philippe Decoufle, and the whole program was in french with English subtitles. Kudo's to the people who decided to put subtitles in.
Anyway, since I'm an internet junkie, I youtubed the man right away. Turns out there aren't too many clips of him out there, which is quite a shame.

The introduction to this clip is kind of long, and it doesn't get ADD friendly until minute 2, but it's still totally worth it:

Friday, September 21, 2007

You know you're in college when... have to cancel appointments and meetings just so you can wash your hair.

yeah. it's that bad already.

I'm back!

so after spending a rough month trying to settle in, i'm finally back to the bloggo-sphere.

I started byu! yes i did! And after a minor crisis of faith/culture/direction the first week, i'm doing quite well. A few items of notice:

1. the majority of BYU males are not quite...belgian. meaning they don't seem to be quite used to the fact a female doesn't jump from the sidewalk just to make way for him. or when a female dominates a conversation. just to name a few examples.

2. HOLY. EVERYONE. LOOKS. THE. SAME. I mean, on occasion you spot those euro/eastcoasters/large city people, but in general everyone dresses and looks the same.

3. I had to help a journalist from the daily universe SPELL. you want to know the word? It was Bias. B.I.A.S. I, ellen, the foreigner who doesn't know how to spell without the use of Spell Check.

4. I'm really enjoying it. No really. I knew the transition from belgium to provo wouldn't go as smooth, but as a hole i really enjoy byu. i really enjoy it because, on random occasions, you meet someone who thinks kind of like you. and who understands that the people who scream the loudest aren't always the ones that are right. and that makes me smile.

more later.