Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm back!

so after spending a rough month trying to settle in, i'm finally back to the bloggo-sphere.

I started byu! yes i did! And after a minor crisis of faith/culture/direction the first week, i'm doing quite well. A few items of notice:

1. the majority of BYU males are not quite...belgian. meaning they don't seem to be quite used to the fact a female doesn't jump from the sidewalk just to make way for him. or when a female dominates a conversation. just to name a few examples.

2. HOLY. EVERYONE. LOOKS. THE. SAME. I mean, on occasion you spot those euro/eastcoasters/large city people, but in general everyone dresses and looks the same.

3. I had to help a journalist from the daily universe SPELL. you want to know the word? It was Bias. B.I.A.S. I, ellen, the foreigner who doesn't know how to spell without the use of Spell Check.

4. I'm really enjoying it. No really. I knew the transition from belgium to provo wouldn't go as smooth, but as a hole i really enjoy byu. i really enjoy it because, on random occasions, you meet someone who thinks kind of like you. and who understands that the people who scream the loudest aren't always the ones that are right. and that makes me smile.

more later.

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