Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just a thought

so you know how people are always complaining that there is nothing on TV, except for re-runs?

then why do people buy the DVD box sets of TV shows?? the only difference is that you have no commercials. which means you don't get a potty/kitchen break!

people are so strange sometimes...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back from LDN

i'm back! well, i've been back since friday. and London..was amazing. mainly because I had the eye-opening experience of seeing Wicked. And I had to keep my eyes open. Mainly because we got last minute (rip off tickets) and were sitting in the verry back, surrounded by dutch people. but man! it honestly is one of the best musicals! very well thought out, great characters...maybe I'll write a review about it sometime.

other than wicked, we saw spamalot, which to me, was hillarious. it was uber brittish humored, and since 99% of the audience was british, everyone enjoyed it. my mom wasn't too stoked about it, but i guess she's not too familiar with Monthy Python. oh, and in the end there was a 'always look on the bright side of life' sing-a-long. and ended with a rain of yellow sunshines on the audiance.

other things? we rode the tube..a lot, went to Tate Modern, Tate Britain, went to TopShop, where I spend way too much money..you know..the usual 3-day trip to london :-)

snow in Calais.

Yey! marry poppins rooftops! (i'm such a dork)

more will follow as soon as i get back on my other computer

Sunday, January 21, 2007


that's right!
finals are all over! I had my last one yesterday, an oral exam on English lit. Luckily I had a Shakespeare question, but I felt that my prof. was pushing me to think about facts, and things that weren't in the syllabus, but that we discussed in class. But...I think I did pretty good, aka, I was able to talk myself out of all the hard questions, by saying things that were sort of irrelevant...:-)
Well, I think I passed. My prof. said "great work" after my final. If you failed, he would tell you right then and there.
It was sad though. When I was waiting for my turn on the exam, this one girl who was ahead of me, came out crying. Yeah. That was encouraging.

On a different note, my dad burned incense in his Sunday School class. He promised his class he would bring grasshoppers next week. Meaning I'll have to go to the city tomorrow and make a total fool of myself at the natural food stores. maybe i should first check at the asian grocery stores.

also, my grandpa is staying at our house right now, because my grandma just got hip surgery. Well, he didn't really move in, but he spends the evenings here.
I'm fine with it, even though it is a little weird. and...I CAN'T FREAKING HEAR MYSELF THINK BECAUSE THE TV IS SO &$#e$%& LOUD!!!

i swear, my ipod is not the only reason why i'm gonna be deaf at age 24...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Storm during and after

So after a really cruddy morning of getting a cardboard papercut (not reccomended) and getting yelled at in french by the evil EVIL librarian for wearing a coat in the library, I decided that I'm going to make myself happy with cheap couscous salad and uploading pictures on blogger.

Here are some pictures that I took during the storm:

the Cock Wallon still stands through it all:

The picture above are supposed to be birds.
Not anything else...

The damage wasn't too bad. One chimney lost a brick, some trashcans went flying, and the elementry school lost a few roof tiles. If they haven't noticed by tomorrow, I might put a note in their malbox telling them they might want to check up on that.

Pretty sky with morning, with the sun just peeking through. Oh BTW: we've been hitting the high 50's low 60's this week. It's January.

This picture would be so impressive if that *#%^& electricty cable wasn't in it! and my photoshop skills are still a little too underdeveloped to photoshop it away.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful

...and the Ellen is delightful. (i know that doesn't work. shut up)
yes, there is a huge storm whaling outside. this is great!
1. not only is there a treturous storm, but we also hit 14 C today! that means I could leave my big duvet coat home, and wear my neat Gap jacket.
2. PICTURES!!!!!!! 'nuf said.
3. Rain beating on your window, and the wind whaling in your heater!
4. When it's time to go to bed, I'll be scarred!

yeah. you think I'm crazy. But I've kind of always loved storms. I mean, not the kind where levees break, and trees fall everywhere and boats go missing, but just a nice "Mother Nature needs to burn her bra" type of storm. If you know what I mean.

Today I went to the library and got a lot done for my final exam. There is still a few important things to be looked over, and if the internet decides to be boring, I might actually get that finished tonight. Then I can have a frantic review tomorrow, and on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Is it just me or is this week going by uber slow?
well, yesterday I bought incense. Not for me (even though I'll probably end up using them) but for my dad's sunday school lesson. It's about the 3 wise men. My dad likes to keep the lesson's very hands-on. I also went on a quest for myrrh, but the Namuroises had no idea what I wanted, and kept on giving me honey. Finally, to please the grouchy woman at the nature store, I bought a (quite expensive) pot of honey.

My neighbors are doing some kind of culinary experiment, and the smell is penetrating into my studio. I tried to close the kitchen door (where the smell is coming from) but it doesn't really seem to help. Last night, I was trying not to choke on the smell of nicotine.
Ugh...this smell is making me gag.

I had my phonetics final on Monday. I have no idea how it went. I think it went ok, but I can't guarantee anything. I have my last final, English Lit. on Saturday. I'm almost through half of the syllabus. This course is really hard to study for, because the same thing get's repeated about 6 times. It's an oral exam, and if my dear professor doesn't ask too many details about dates, I think we are in ship-shape.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Remember how a week or so ago I wrote a post about Satan? Well, I was just browsing on BCC and the first thing that caught my eye was this.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Librarians, the new Google

So today, as I was packing up my laptop in it's case, I was thinking: Librarians are the same everywhere. From Provo, to Namur, to Orem... It's some kind of secret code. An underground collaboration. They all seem to dress the same, they talk the same. Anyway, so while I was thinking about this, I was walking through the security machine with all my stuff, when it suddenly goes off. I think it might just have been my cell phone, so I'm in the middle of taking it out, when one of the older librarian ladies tells me I have a book. Well, I do. I checked it out a couple of days ago. So I'm trying to make this clear to her, but she DOESN'T LET ME FREAKING FINISH MY SENTANCE!!! Well, finally I'm able to tell her that I checked this book out a while ago, and that MAYBE SHE COULD CHECK HER COMPUTER??? But honestly, I was trying to explain it to her, she could tell my French is far from perfect, so at least let me finish my sentence! I mean, you're asking for an explanation, so let me give it to you! Seriously, this is such a trademark of French speakers. I swear, there is no such thing as a French, a Wallonia, a Quebequise...They are all French speakers, and that should just be a nationality of its own. They love to listen to themselves talk, and they do not give people to the time to say something. If you don't speak going 678 MPH, it's not even worth listening to you.
Anyway, back to how librarians were going to take over the world.
While interrupting me, she tells me, that when I take a checked-out book back into the library to read, and I'm going to take it out again, I need to leave the ticket in the book. After giving me an evil glare, she let's me go without too much of a fuss, while she yells at the girl behind me that she needs to leave her water bottle in the locker. That's strange...all the other librarians let us take drinks in. Actually, it is totally against the law to prohibit someone from drinking water. It's a human essential. Or at least I heard something like that.

So the conclusion of the day:
1.Librarians belong to a secret collaboration.
2. French is a uniting language.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Don't look while I post this on the internet

I thought that the world had forgotten all about this. Well, I surely did. Well, here you have it: Ellen with long hair, horrible spanish pronounciation skills, even more horrible acting skills but IN PROVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, beware:

Where IS Satan?

So I had an interesting thought a couple of nights ago. Something that was completely new to me, and that caused me to think.
I have been thought my whole life that during the War In Heaven, Satan took 1/3 of God's children with him. Well, that 1/3 followed Satan based on their free-agency. These children, including Satan himself, would never have the capacity of receiving a body of their own.
So...where are they? Because they have fallen from the presence of God, right?
And can't you only have a world of your own, when you have lived a mortal life, and acquired knowledge? So why does Satan get to have a world of his own?
Then these things came into my mind:
A. Terrestrial State
Our world once was up with God, next to Kolob. When Adam and Eve partook of the Fruit, to gain knowledge and be able to return to God, our world fell into a Terrestrial State. But, through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection, he will be able to return and bring this earth back to it's Celestial State. Perhaps, Satan's world has also fallen to a Terrestrial State, or even lower (Outer Darkness), but with no hope of ever returning back to a Celestial State. They don't have a Christ like we do.
B. Part of The Plan?
In God's plan, there has to be opposition in all things. Perhaps God knew in one way or another that Satan would leave with 1/3 of his children. Hence, Heavenly Father had a world prepared for Satan. The purpose of our earthly life is to make choices between good and evil, and Christ to save us from our sins.
C. Satan on this earth??
I mean, we are tempted by him aren't we? Or is it just a term we use for opposition in all things? Because to us, Satan represents all that is evil, and goes against the will of our Heavenly Father. I stated b efore that maybe his world is equal to our Terrestrial world. But what if it is not? What if it is Outer Darkness (what many believe). One who is in Outer Darkness can't "upgrade" himself to a higher State. A Terrestrial World is still much more aspired to than OD.
E. Satan as a poetic figure?
Isn't the Bible full of Jewish/ancient poetry? Why couldn't the term "Satan" or "Devil" just represent something to call something evil? But then again, Satan DID take 1/3 of the Hosts Of Heaven with him. And that isn’t made up.

Now I'm not saying I need to know the answers. Personally, I agree the most with option A. That was the first thing that came to my mind. The other ones were other arguments, that do make sence in some way.
But the time to find out isnt't right. I don't want to know the answers. It's just a thought that came up in me.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Hello world of blogs!

Yup! I'm here...again. With a new blog.

My upstairs neighbors are having an extreme home makeover. I hope they'll make it in 6 days.

So I found a pretty cool book at the School Library (BUMP) today. I found it in the English section AKA the forgotten corner. Besides the fact that it combines the smells of Old AND Burn, it also has a pretty sweet title: Pictures On The Pavement.
For those of you who have heard of it, yes I do relize it's a children's book. And to add to the coolness of the book, when I was searching for visual evidence on Amazon, nothing showed up!
But anyway, back to the text. This is about the 2nd paragraph, and it's pretty neat:
"Has Leo-at this moment stretched asleep while starlings pick at his bone-grown as tired as he looks of being British? Does the lawyer call the fox sly? On which side of the bars do hyenas wake up,, does the hog snort off in his sports car? Which is prouder, and which with the more reason, the peacock or I?"
-Expert Pictures On The Pavement, G.W Stonier
Ok, so it's probably not something I'd read to my kids at bedtime (even though I would love to), but I promise it's ment as a children's book, because it has pictures. Ok, that's a lame reason.