Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful

...and the Ellen is delightful. (i know that doesn't work. shut up)
yes, there is a huge storm whaling outside. this is great!
1. not only is there a treturous storm, but we also hit 14 C today! that means I could leave my big duvet coat home, and wear my neat Gap jacket.
2. PICTURES!!!!!!! 'nuf said.
3. Rain beating on your window, and the wind whaling in your heater!
4. When it's time to go to bed, I'll be scarred!

yeah. you think I'm crazy. But I've kind of always loved storms. I mean, not the kind where levees break, and trees fall everywhere and boats go missing, but just a nice "Mother Nature needs to burn her bra" type of storm. If you know what I mean.

Today I went to the library and got a lot done for my final exam. There is still a few important things to be looked over, and if the internet decides to be boring, I might actually get that finished tonight. Then I can have a frantic review tomorrow, and on Saturday morning.

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