Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Is it just me or is this week going by uber slow?
well, yesterday I bought incense. Not for me (even though I'll probably end up using them) but for my dad's sunday school lesson. It's about the 3 wise men. My dad likes to keep the lesson's very hands-on. I also went on a quest for myrrh, but the Namuroises had no idea what I wanted, and kept on giving me honey. Finally, to please the grouchy woman at the nature store, I bought a (quite expensive) pot of honey.

My neighbors are doing some kind of culinary experiment, and the smell is penetrating into my studio. I tried to close the kitchen door (where the smell is coming from) but it doesn't really seem to help. Last night, I was trying not to choke on the smell of nicotine.
Ugh...this smell is making me gag.

I had my phonetics final on Monday. I have no idea how it went. I think it went ok, but I can't guarantee anything. I have my last final, English Lit. on Saturday. I'm almost through half of the syllabus. This course is really hard to study for, because the same thing get's repeated about 6 times. It's an oral exam, and if my dear professor doesn't ask too many details about dates, I think we are in ship-shape.

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