Friday, January 19, 2007

Storm during and after

So after a really cruddy morning of getting a cardboard papercut (not reccomended) and getting yelled at in french by the evil EVIL librarian for wearing a coat in the library, I decided that I'm going to make myself happy with cheap couscous salad and uploading pictures on blogger.

Here are some pictures that I took during the storm:

the Cock Wallon still stands through it all:

The picture above are supposed to be birds.
Not anything else...

The damage wasn't too bad. One chimney lost a brick, some trashcans went flying, and the elementry school lost a few roof tiles. If they haven't noticed by tomorrow, I might put a note in their malbox telling them they might want to check up on that.

Pretty sky with morning, with the sun just peeking through. Oh BTW: we've been hitting the high 50's low 60's this week. It's January.

This picture would be so impressive if that *#%^& electricty cable wasn't in it! and my photoshop skills are still a little too underdeveloped to photoshop it away.

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