Sunday, January 21, 2007


that's right!
finals are all over! I had my last one yesterday, an oral exam on English lit. Luckily I had a Shakespeare question, but I felt that my prof. was pushing me to think about facts, and things that weren't in the syllabus, but that we discussed in class. But...I think I did pretty good, aka, I was able to talk myself out of all the hard questions, by saying things that were sort of irrelevant...:-)
Well, I think I passed. My prof. said "great work" after my final. If you failed, he would tell you right then and there.
It was sad though. When I was waiting for my turn on the exam, this one girl who was ahead of me, came out crying. Yeah. That was encouraging.

On a different note, my dad burned incense in his Sunday School class. He promised his class he would bring grasshoppers next week. Meaning I'll have to go to the city tomorrow and make a total fool of myself at the natural food stores. maybe i should first check at the asian grocery stores.

also, my grandpa is staying at our house right now, because my grandma just got hip surgery. Well, he didn't really move in, but he spends the evenings here.
I'm fine with it, even though it is a little weird. and...I CAN'T FREAKING HEAR MYSELF THINK BECAUSE THE TV IS SO &$#e$%& LOUD!!!

i swear, my ipod is not the only reason why i'm gonna be deaf at age 24...

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