Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Librarians, the new Google

So today, as I was packing up my laptop in it's case, I was thinking: Librarians are the same everywhere. From Provo, to Namur, to Orem... It's some kind of secret code. An underground collaboration. They all seem to dress the same, they talk the same. Anyway, so while I was thinking about this, I was walking through the security machine with all my stuff, when it suddenly goes off. I think it might just have been my cell phone, so I'm in the middle of taking it out, when one of the older librarian ladies tells me I have a book. Well, I do. I checked it out a couple of days ago. So I'm trying to make this clear to her, but she DOESN'T LET ME FREAKING FINISH MY SENTANCE!!! Well, finally I'm able to tell her that I checked this book out a while ago, and that MAYBE SHE COULD CHECK HER COMPUTER??? But honestly, I was trying to explain it to her, she could tell my French is far from perfect, so at least let me finish my sentence! I mean, you're asking for an explanation, so let me give it to you! Seriously, this is such a trademark of French speakers. I swear, there is no such thing as a French, a Wallonia, a Quebequise...They are all French speakers, and that should just be a nationality of its own. They love to listen to themselves talk, and they do not give people to the time to say something. If you don't speak going 678 MPH, it's not even worth listening to you.
Anyway, back to how librarians were going to take over the world.
While interrupting me, she tells me, that when I take a checked-out book back into the library to read, and I'm going to take it out again, I need to leave the ticket in the book. After giving me an evil glare, she let's me go without too much of a fuss, while she yells at the girl behind me that she needs to leave her water bottle in the locker. That's strange...all the other librarians let us take drinks in. Actually, it is totally against the law to prohibit someone from drinking water. It's a human essential. Or at least I heard something like that.

So the conclusion of the day:
1.Librarians belong to a secret collaboration.
2. French is a uniting language.

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