Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Philippe Decoufle

We have found the most amazing TV channel. It's called Ovation, and if you don't have it, shame on you. It's the 'artsy' channel, where they cover everything from 'The final 24 hours of Kurt Cobain' to random Euro art programs.
Such Euro art program was on last night. It was about a French choreographer called Philippe Decoufle, and the whole program was in french with English subtitles. Kudo's to the people who decided to put subtitles in.
Anyway, since I'm an internet junkie, I youtubed the man right away. Turns out there aren't too many clips of him out there, which is quite a shame.

The introduction to this clip is kind of long, and it doesn't get ADD friendly until minute 2, but it's still totally worth it:

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