Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Day In The Life off I; Tuesday Febuaray 27th 2007, Namur, FUNDP

6:40 AM: Alarm goes off

7:00 AM: Second alarm goes off. Wake up. Tired after having strange dreams. Or hearing people scream in the street. Or maybe both. Also because I spend some hours studying my English Grammar last night. Got a lot done though. Maybe I can work on that again today.

7:10 AM: Get out of bed. Shower. Look for something to wear. Put on blue tights. Can't find skirt that goes with blue tights. Changes outfit plan to jeans and shirt.

7:25 AM: Make breakfast, check email, facebook, myspace, blogs, news...

8:08: Pack up, finish getting dressed, head off to school. I'm early today, considering I woke up a little late today. Way to hurry in the morning.
It's a gray day and is slightly raining.

8:17 AM: Arrive at school. See one guy I know 'Salut-kiss-ça va?' More people arrive 'Salut-kiss-ça va?' 'Salut-kiss-ça va?' 'Salut-kiss-ça va?' 'Salut-kiss-ça va?'
Rinse. Later. Repeat.
People are reading the Metro: 'Verhofstad promises reform in Charleroi.' Michael Jackson converts to Islam.'
'I like your scarf.' 'Salut-kiss-ça va?'

8:28 AM: Enter Aula Maior and prepare for an hour of Religious Science at the Jesuit University. We read our horoscopes in the Metro. More people enter. BF's with GF's separate from their group of friends to sit apart.

8:35-9:30 AM: Class started. Get really annoyed with girls sitting behind me whispering and fidgeting. Talk about the Good Samaritan and God's relationship with the Israelites. Take notes. I understand this professor and I like the class. Sitting behind a Belgian girl with a headscarf. She nods her head a couple of times during class. Some rows in front of me is a girl who has put her hair up with a paint brush. cool.

9:35 AM: Walk over to the library with some girls. They talk in French, I understand 60% of it. We talk about all the work we have to do, laugh, complain...
the usual student talk.

9:45-10:10 Work on Dutch Group Project with one of the members of my group. Totally pointless, hardly get anything done. Girl highlights a few things on the papers she printed off, and I suggest that she gives them to me, so I can put them together in a PPT. Member number 2 is off with her English Group to work on that group project.
I loate group projects.

10:10-10:40 AM: Slowly walk from library to school. Take a de-tour and have a pit-stop. Climb up to the 5th floor. Some people are already there. Thank heavens.
'Salut-kiss-ça va?'
They talk about things in French that I don't really understand;
Food, probably me...

10:40 AM-12:40 PM: Grammar exercise class. Really kind of boring. Teacher is fun, she makes me smile. We discuss things like the Present Perfect Continuative and the Indefinite Perfect. Don't really know what those words mean.
Fill in conjugated verbs in sentences. Discuss. I get slightly annoyed. I zone out and think about Utah.

12:45 PM: Walk back to studio, eat lunch, check internet.

13:30 PM: Walk back to school. Find some of my friends sitting in a circle in front of the closed door of our classroom. Have a fun conversation about that horrible German movie yesterday. I feel part of the group. Start comparing Flemish people to Nazi's. Don't feel like part of the group anymore.
Talk about French Cuss words and regional Walloon accents. Feel like part of the group again. I love expanding my horizons like that. Conversation ends in us speaking English, so they can 'train' their English.

14:00 PM: English Grammar with LV. I, along with the rest of the class, am totally lost and half asleep. Some people behind me are talking. LV throws them an evil glare. We have a break after one hour.

16:00 PM: Class is over!! I walk home with my ipod and take a de-tour. It's still raining.

16:30-17:50 PM: Do some homework; work on the PPT's for the oral presentations. Listen to Imogen Heap and Nico. Talk to some people online. If done in Dutch, it counts for my Dutch portfolio, that is going to be of no importance to me...
I do the dishes.

18:30 PM: Fix myself some dinner, some red cabbage and lamb meat. This is unusual. I usually never cook like this at night.
It's not the best dish, in fact, I'm not even sure if you'd consider it edible, but I need some veggies.

20: 00 PM: Want to work on English Grammar, but Allison is online. We talk, listen to music. People are screaming in the street, my upstairs neighbor is blasting her TV and moving all the furniture around. People are slamming doors. A usual night in the Rue Fumal. Remember I have to find a news article for my French class tomorrow.

20:20 PM: Mommy + Daddy call. Small talk. Still trying to look up news article for French class.

21:00-23:00 PM: Get annoyed at the fact that nothing decent happened in the news the past couple of days. Spend more time online. Think how I'm going to plan my day tomorrow. Finally find an article. Do my write up. English Grammar is not going to happen anymore.

23:00-23:20 PM: Realize I still have to do the dishes. Do those, brush my teeth, get ready for tomorrow.

23:20-23:40 PM: Say prayer, read scriptures with the Feast Upon the Word Website and blog.

23:40 PM: Lights out.

Found out today that R is ill and won't be teaching today. Sad, but that means I can catch up on some lost Grammar time.

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