Monday, March 26, 2007

Being accosted by Oxfam

The other day I decided to show that my heart is in the right place, so I decided to buy some juice at Oxfam.

Now, that morning I had already noticed some Oxfam people in the street, holding clip boards, dressed for a long day out in the cold. Usually I can avoid these people because I listen to Nel (ipod), and because the collar of my coat has fur on it, which apparently gives me some kind of Cruella de Ville appearance. That, or just speak really loud in Flemish on my cellphone. (that worked in Provo too)

Anyway, I'm walking over to the Oxfam store to buy some juice. ipodless.
Now, if you are aware of the fact that there are Clip Board Ninjas out on the street, you should NEVER leave your house ipodless.
But you know, I'm going to buy something at Oxfam anyway, so I shouldn't feel bad about giving these people the cold shoulder. I mean, I rather buy some Bolivian juice, then give a stranger my bank account number.

So as I'm walking over the little plaza, an Oxfam Clip Board Lady approaches me.
Crap, here it goes. But hey, if I don't respond to them, they'll just leave me alone. Right?

My friends, these people have never learned about the etiquette of Street Clip Boarding. Cuz when she started talking to me, she noticed she wasn't going to get the desired response, so she put her foot in front of me, causing me to nearly plunge my face into the cobblestones. Before I even had found my balance, she had me pretty much cornered, and virtually shoved the Oxfam Pen up my nose.

I'm not sure how I managed to escape from her, but it was an escape that every football player should be jealous off. Maybe Antwerp-life has trained me to fend off Clip Board People.

So you can imagine why I was a bit annoyed when I reached the store. Good thing that my sole purpose at Oxfam was to support the Bolivian man. Cuz they know their juice down there. At least the lady behind the counter gave me a plastic bag to carry my bottles in.



opulentavocados said...

you poor dear.

and those clipboard monsters.

you know, if byu had a girl football team, they might recruit you to be their running back...

don't ask where i learned the term running back.

now to make other, random observations...

what happened to the tampon art? gosh!

ha, and i'm afraid i completely disagree with the singles' ward article...

singles wards are sweet, because it's really easy to get guys to leave you alone if you want, and there are no screaming babies.

and it's way less awkward to be in releif society with your peers than your grandmother's peers, as they all peer at you and tell you about how you are such a beautiful little rose bud, soon to bloom into womanhood...

Ellen said...

Well, I have already send in an application to the BYU Girl Football.
I’m still waiting for a response.

Oh, and the tampon art is still there love. It’s just hidden..under a different name that kenzie gave.

Oh, and you can totally disagree with the article! Please do! I just thought it was intersting because sometimes I felt pressured into going to a SW when I return to Provo. And I’m probably going to try it, but at the same time I feel like I’m going to miss the diversity that you get from a Family Ward. Ok, so not the screaming babies. But I think I might get annoyed with all the singles. I mean, to me it might come over as a revival of high school, where the hormones are twice as high because everyone is over 16.

Oh and by the way...I’m sitting in the computer lab, and some girls who are sitting on opposite sides of the lab are having a loud conversation about erotic-isms.

Man, I’m gonna miss this place.