Friday, June 1, 2007

A list of the random things that happened to me in the past couple of days

1. The name of the Canadian Store 'The Crazy Canook" popped into my head and will not leave.

2. I dreamt that my English Lit. exam consisted of filling in blanks of printed Beatle Lyrics by means of riddles. I also freaked out and failed 'Yellow Submarine.'

3. Steven's Hot Coco popped into my head as well. In the lexical form, that is.

4. A booklet arrived in the mail yesterday from BYU for New Students. In order to reach my house, it traveled all the way around New Zealand. Apparently this isn't the first time BYU has send me mail via Oceania.

5. A random doctor remarked that prophyria includes intense abdominal cramps. He then concluded that those cramps were caught by eating beans.

1 comment:

opulentavocados said...

did i tell you about the dream i had in which i spent nine hours smashing grasshoppers with my shoe?

i wish your test consisted of beatle's lyrics.

that would be so much more worthwhile.