Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The idea of being cremated has always sounded more appealing to me than a fancy traditional-coffin funeral. It does seem to make life easier. No expensive coffins, no nasty make-up being put on my face (I vowed in 10th grade I would rather die before I wear make-up) and no dislocated shoulders of the coffin bearers.

And someone agrees with me!

I too, like the idea of my ashes being returned to the earth. I want my remains to be used to fertilize a tree! I know it sounds very John and Yoko-ish, but it sounds better than being left to decompose.

I spend more time arranging my funeral in my head than my wedding. You're always certain that you are going to die, and a funeral is a place where people remember you in a positive light. And it's also the one thing I'm not in control of.

Plus, if people want to stay in contact with me on this earth, by means of visiting something, they can visit my tree. And talk to it. I mean, me.

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Miss Coryn said...

What an interesting notion. How nice it would be to be spread over the hills than buried deep in the earth. Blowing in the wind like inspiration (sorry, I've been reading far too many poems from the romantic era). I just love reading your blog. It is so fun.