Monday, February 5, 2007

I might pick a major I like and end up living in a box

based on this group on Facebook.

last night my fam and I were invited to a senior missionary couple's home. They are here on a mission to sort out legal stuff for the church, and are in contact with Church lawyers and professors, trying to sort all the problems. So those were the people I got to hang out with Sunday night.
Yeah. It was cool.
And for a very brief second. Like, a flash of light second, I wanted to go into Law.
Even though there is a very slight chance I ever will.
Well, you want to know the whole scoop? Here are all the events that led up to me thinking this:
  • My dad's firesite
  • Ingrid telling me about part of her study, Comparative Religions
  • That night at the the SMC's home.

But's more then law. I always wanted to go into international relations. At first I wanted to start an orphanage in Africa (which I still would love to do), but now, I kind of want to work for the church. I mean, I got a background, I'm European, grew up partially in Utah, speak a couple of languages, 2 of them fluently.
And yes, I'll probably end up living in a box. But hey, it gets compensated by meeting tons of cool people.

i don't know. This might be the last post in about this, or just the beginning.
I kind of wish this year here in Namur was over. I feel like I'm running out of time. Or at least, my time here has been well spend. Aside from a couple of things I WOULD like to accomplish...'s gonna be interesting when I go to the Y.

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