Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My enlgish teacher is so..cool? weird?

Today in English proficiency we got to listen to a song by the band Xiu Xiu (pronounced Shoe Shoe). Well, it wasn't even a song. It was just...artsy *pulls artsy move*.
and i mean, the song is pretty cool. It's just..not a song. it's a protest.

it's art.

and that doesn't mean that I actually LIKE it. I mean, it's not a song I would play in my living room. It's more something that would fit in Tate Modern.
well, you listen to it and decided for yourself.
But one thing has to be said though: my english teacher is so...cool? I mean, who would have the GUTS to play this in the classroom? I was really happy he tried to open up people's minds towards new kinds of music. It doesn't always have to be Claude Francois I was kind of upset with the rest of my class though. They were totally making fun of it, and only shut up when they had to do the exercise.
they just don't understand ART! *pulls move, and draw back into the darkness of the matinee*

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