Sunday, February 11, 2007


So I'm annoyed by something. Many months ago, when still living in Provo, I stumbled across the fact that my (vintage) Book Of Mormon was missing pages. And not like, one page, but a couple of BOOKS, including Omni, Enos...,and also the very last page. So this weekend, when I was cleaning the basement, here in Belgium, I decided that there was a high chance of finding the missing pages, but as of yet, there is no result. Now, my dad told me that he was going to look through some boxes of documents, that belong to him, and maybe, with a big of luck, the missing pages will turn up. And if not, I'm afraid that I'll either have to buy a new B.o.M, or rip out some pages of another B.o.M. gah. This is really really been annoying me. Maybe I should just buy a new one. But this one is so cool looking. It has the light-blue cover, with a golden Moroni, and the pages are yellowed, and smell like the perfume that still has to be invented, namely Old Books. Well, if it ever were to be made into a perfume (not my B.o.M, but the perfume that smells like old pages) I'd probably name it something like 'Olde Bookes.' Or something along those lines. ok. back to this post.

Tomorrow another week starts and I really want to kick myself out of my Winter Fatigue, by actually going to the library again, organizing my courses, preparing a bit for the exams in June, don't eat so much chocolate (I already resisted some Smiling BN Cookies! aren't I good? The new week hasn't even started yet!), and start working on that group project for dutch.

I'm also going to be on the look-out for some new music. Buy a couple of songs on itunes, explore some new bands. I'm not sure how working for school and music go together, but we'll figure something out....

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