Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm using my dutch grammar books as a cookie tray

Yes, I should be doing my blasted Dutch grammar homework, but I just grabbed a couple of Prince cookies. And it seems to me, that the amount of chocolate has been doubled! hooray! Now I don't feel bad about sinning! This is an unpredictable situation! It's not my fault I'm getting fat. It's those darned people who put more chocolate in the cookies then usual!

Speaking of chocolate:

Happy V-day everyone! Or S.A.D. . whatever you're comfy with.

my V-day was fine i guess. I went to the library to study my enlgish grammar. It's a syllabus of more than 200 pages. After an hour and a half of carefully analyzing everything, I stopped at page 10. Which actually isn't too bad. I've just got an awfully long way to go.
Not to mention I have that dutch project due. And we got ANOTHER group project assigned to us in English. Max. 3 people in a group. I kind of hope I end up being the 5th wheel or something, and that I'm told I'm supposed to do the project alone.

I loath group projects.

Anyway, so everyone here in Belgium has a boyfriend/girlfriend. EVERYONE!!
Even the people of whom you'd think have no interest whatsoever in having a romantic fling, where talking about how they were having a hard time finding the 'perfect gift.'
People kept on asking me all day, if I missed my boyfriend in Les √Čtats-Unis. When I replied I didn't have one, they kind of gave me the "you're a looser" look. I guess every country has a different qualification of "looser." In America it's the way you dress and talk, here it depends on your Romantic Status. Or at least I have made this observation.

So our class has another couple! Numero 2. Not that this is much importance to me, but apparently it's a big deal. Apparently it's kind of odd to have your BF/GF in the same class as you. especially in collage. I guess, that if/when you break up with him/her, the 'seeing-them-every-day' might create a discommodious situation.
I guess Belgians try to have a professional environment on the work floor? even if the work floor is..well...covered in dictionaries and syllabi?

Ok, well I better get back to my homework. If I finish my dutch grammar right now, I can read the story for English lit tomorrow morning. Because we need to have read it by tomorrow afternoon.

I know I can't get away with these things at BYU...

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