Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On the rooftops of Namur

**DISCLAIMER: Blogger hates it when I upload pictures. I apologise if the layout is a bit funny.**

It may be known to some that I'm living in the old part of Namur, where
most of the houses date back from 1400 to 1800 AD.
henceforth, all the houses seem to be intertwined with each other by means of roofs. It's true, I already have my escape route planned out in case the stairs ever catch fire.

so here's the view i have from my kitchen:

A couple of months after I had moved in I discovered a Tupperware bowl and a sponge on my side of the roof. Since I didn't recall doing anything that involved a sponge and a bowl the night before, i discretely thew the domestic items to the other roof, seeing it probably belonged to the neighbors anyway.
The sponge seemed to have disintegrated during the winter, or is currently being used in a birds' nest. Plastic, especially the Tupperware kind, doesn't decompose as fast as we would like, and thus it remained the whole fall and winter on my roof, catching all the raindrops and other nasty stuff that falls from the sky.

It hasn't rained in a month, which explains why it's dry.

Over the course of the winter months, I found other random things on the roof, none of them which belong to me. Unless I turn into some kind of Roof-Rubbish werewolf at night, I have no clue how they got there:

Plastic to keep your meat in and home-made cigarettes

Also, a couple of weeks ago, a whole bunch of girls were sitting on the lower part of the roof. I hope you won't feel too heartbroken when i tell you i have no pictures of that.

When I came back from Antwerp after Easter Break, I discovered a kitchen knife on the roof. Now, I'm not afraid of Tupperware, but when i find unidentified sharp objects in my proximity, i tend to get a little worried. I don't know if someone threw it there from the street, or if some of my neighbors had a picknick on the roof, but it's still a little freakish. And no, there were no blood/cheese stains on it.
I ended up moving knife away from my roof:

And apparently my neighbors/serial killers aren't the only ones that leave their junk on my roof. Mother Nature is in it too! I found half the Mediterranean ocean on top of this partition that separates my roof and my neighbor's roof.
Well, I don't mind that. It's kind of nice, truth be told.
So yes.

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