Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spreading the love of Erlend Worldwide

It seems that HM is turning into my myspace. not that life is one big myspace/facebook anyway.

this afternoon i got the brilliant idea to go to HM. The HM in Namur kind of sucks compared to the 5 we have in Antwerp, all spread out over one street. But hey, an HM is an HM.

now, last time i was there they were playing Gwen Stefani's massacre of The Sound Of Music.
However, this was followed by the song that made Allisonneke's page famous among 10's of people, Hot Chip's Boy From School, and made me bust some dance moves in the Volvo while driving to Brussels.

Today, when i was expanding my sock collection in said store, I was welcomed by a song by 'I don't wanna know who,' which gave me a slight headache.


the song that followed was the song that first introduced me to the magic of Erlend Oye; Drop remixed by Cornelius and Kings of Convenience.
(grief-stricken i must report to you that i cannot find a sample of Drop online. well, most people reading this blog probably have cardboard cutout's of Erlend anyway. If you do want to hear this song i will be glad to give an Erlend Oye 101 class.)

I believe i must have had some kind of solo dance party in between the maternity section and the legging section. (for all the nasty people out there, i was heading over to the legging section. gosh.)

of course, the fact that erlend is being played in mega stores makes me very happy. i feel like i've done my officer's job well, in the Erlend-tribute facebook group.
On the other hand, this means that I have to go on a new quest for strange music no one has heard off.
Wait...why did i think of that as a negative thing??


hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

hahahaha. i'm really glad you described gwen stefani's music as a massacre of the sound of music.

i've been trying to figure out how to describe it. but this i know is the answer. this takes the gold medal. go you.

opulentavocados said...

gosh, i hate trying to discover new and interesting music.

maybe we should put ourselves on a musical diet of only things that were on the top 40 5 years ago.


ellie rained on bourbon street said...

allison and i had an experience similar to this one. it consisted of walking past hot topic and hearing a rapture song playing. we poked our heads in, then our arms, and finally our whole bodies. upon fully entering, we started busting some really cool dance moves. much to the chagrin of the hot topic employees i'm sure.