Saturday, April 14, 2007

To all the good music-loving souls that read this blog

Is there anyone willing to give up 160 bucks and comfort for 4 days to be my chaperon at Rock Werchter at the end of June? I promise, I'm not a screaming/'I'm gonna faint'/let's get stoned type of girl whenever I see a famous person...

I wanna see:



The Killers

The Kooks

Admiral Freebee

Lily Allen


The Bravery

Damien Rice

LCD Soundsystem


Rufus Wainwright


and if you REALLY don't want to give up your comfort, we can always spend the 4 nights at my aunts house. well, that might be a contradiction, if you know my aunt. But hey. we'll get breakfast. of sorts...


opulentavocados said...

seriously, if i sell my car or take out another credit card in time, i would be happy to live in your shack for the summer.

don't encourage me...

Ellen said...

no. allison.

don't be irrational.

sence the panic in my written voice.

hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

the bravery is coming to salty lake! in june! be here!

ellie rained on bourbon street said...

count me in! i would totally be willing to go into credit card debt for all that.