Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm dead

"Ellen, you just committed suicide!"

Me: checks for pulse.

"Man, Ellen, you're in for it now. You just committed suicide!"

Not something you'd hear being said in the chapel.
The reason for my sudden death: My Relief Society lesson.

My habit of sitting in the back corner and quietly observing the sisters, and agreeing and disagreeing with them in my head is over.

It all happened on Saturday at midnight. My mom, who has been sick for over 2 weeks, finally decided that she wasn't up to teach her lesson. She had the whole thing written out, and she wasn't just going to let all that work go to waste (ok, you can always recycle a lesson into a talk or another lesson).

So, I offered to take her lesson over.

It was strange to let my voice echo across the chapel. Let's just say that the whole building was filled with the D's (*insert family name here.* no, I'm not going to make it easy for some sicko to find me) voices, because my dad was teaching Priesthood in the Cultural Hall.

But apparently it was fine. I mean, it was my first time ever teaching, and it wasn't my lesson, so the sisters were really mild for me. So I guess committed a positive kind of suicide :-).

Let's just hope they aren't going to receive divine inspiration (ok, if so I should take that as a compliment) and have me teach, oh let's say...primary??