Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm going to the Congo in July!!

That's right! I'm leaving for Kinshasa the 20rd of July! We'll be back 8 days later. Yes I know, it's only 8 days, but it's better than nothing at all. I'm going there with my dad who is part of a project for the VLIR. We'll be staying at local nunneries and we also emailed a few people from the LDS mission home. The mission president told us he will hook us up with a few locals that will help us around (so we won't get ripped off at the markets and other unpleasant activities).

Today we got all our vaccinations since they are supposed to be done a month in advance.

(please excuse the crappy shot and the fact that my arms look cut off) (my vaccination booklet)

While we were paying one of the ladies at the desk starred at me for about a good minute. I politely smiled at her (well, more like an 'eek-quit-starring-at-me' type of smile), and she remarked, loud and clearly for everyone to hear: "You look REALLY pale, are you feeling alright??"

Yes I'm feeling fine, and it's not like I have not gotten shots before! Then I came home today and told my mom what happened at the Tropical Institute. She too said that the first thing she thought when she saw me today was that I was very pale.

maybe it's the yellow shirt? Good thing I only have 2....

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